“There should be more people like you…”

I regularly take part in community service, but my most recent visit to Camillus House was an impactful and truly unique experience.

In addition to participating in the event, I had to plan the whole service project from the beginning.  For me, the planning part was a whole new experience.

Throughout my first semester at UM I attended campus events and was able to use what I learned from these experiences to plan my own.

Since then, I’ve become a better at event planning.

To start the Camillus House service day project, I held a clothing drive and placed various boxes around campus. The turn out was great and I gathered about 5 bags full of donations for Camillus house.

On the day I delivered the clothes to Camillus House, I went with a group of friends to help serve dinner. I helped serve and distribute grape juice during dinner. Those we served were very grateful; I heard a ‘thank you’ every time I handed someone a cup a juice.

image copy

When dinner was over, we helped clean the tables. As I was cleaning, a man, who had just finished his dinner, quietly came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. “Thank you for being here and helping out. There should be more people like you,” he said. “Have a great day and God bless you.” Then he walked out of the dining hall.

I was left speechless. Those are the moments I look forward to when I volunteer.

It was an awesome experience and the people that joined me thought the same. It’s stories and personal experiences like this one that motivate me to continue volunteering and make it part of my everyday life.

Post Written By:
Tony Cañero
Service and Leadership Liaison


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