LeaderShape Institute of South Florida

LeaderShape was the turning point of my college career.

Last August, I attended LeaderShape with 11 other UM students who were total strangers to me. Now, they are my friends.

LeaderShape is a 6-day conference and retreat that is both challenging and fun. Getting out of my comfort zone for a week was a real eye-opener and emotional experience. Knowing that things that seem impossible can become possible as long as you try and try again was a tough concept for me to grasp.

LeaderShape 2012

The most influential part of the whole conference was the day we talked about our personal values. I still have the LeaderShape book with the page about defining your values marked.

“Never forget your core values, and always stick to them.”

This lesson made the whole journey come together and be worthwhile. Happiness, reputation, and autonomy are my core values. I look for those qualities in others and conduct my life according to those measures.

Limitless Team

Besides all the continual learning throughout the week, the friends I made, the fun I had, and the person I found within myself is what my LeaderShape experience was all about.

The Butler Center for Service and Leadership is currently accepting applications to the 2013 LeaderShape Institute. Applicats are due by Friday, March 8.

Post Written By:
Connor Adams
Butler Center Student Assistant


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