Seeing and Not Seeing

Seeing is a way of not seeing.

Once you see something or hear someone’s story, it cannot be unseen or unheard. You have an obligation to respond and act on what you see, hear, feel and experience.

As individuals who connect to each other through the universal thread of humanity, our understanding of the world and our global family are shaped by our individual experiences, all of which connect with one another.

It is often through service that we are able to interact with our universal society. But I think it is important to first define what service means.

To me, service is a form of leadership in which you empower others to be their own agents of change and see life as a whole and oneness through the individuals you interact with.

Service is not fixing the lives of those you see as broken and in need of repair. Instead, service is the act of working with the passions of those who surround you to grow as an individual and global community.

It is through this reciprocal nature of service that leadership emerges.

Service not only allows people to kindle a fire within those they serve, but also one within themselves. This fire acts as a voice inside of you that tells you that there is something worth fighting for rather than merely watching. And it is when you channel that spirit and translate it into social action and active citizenship  that you truly realize that oneness of service and leadership.

Service renews and strengthens individuals as active and engaged citizens. It provides context and sense of responsibility to stay engaged in the global family that defines you as an individual.

The suffering of those you interact with becomes your own suffering, and you strive to alleviate it in order to comfort and alleviate yourself. It is about pursuing the knowledge in the mind with conviction in the heart.

Each and every one of us has a story and a reason to fight for what we believe in. We as a global thread, a thread of humanity, are connected and responsible to one another. And it is through service that we reach out to the far-extended members of our global family.

Service is a relationship between equals. Service is leadership.

Post Written By:
Meera Nagarsheth
Butler Center Student Assistant


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